Doidy Cup testimonials

What a fantastic product the Doidy Cup is – arrived quickly and is a wonderful invention, my four month old loves it! Great for a baby who refuses a bottle! Thanks very much 🙂
– Glen Denning

Hi. I brought a Doidy Cup for my 6mth old who refused a bottle. It took her a while to get used to it, but by 8mths that is how she has her milk (never took a bottle). After that the cup was used by my now departed brother in law – he was unable to sit up well in bed and used that cup for water while taking medication. Thanks
– Erica

My 7 month old has been using the Doidy Cup for a month and I was amazed at how he got the hang of sipping and swallowing from the cup straight away. He has always refused a bottle, so I’m relieved to have found an alternative in case I need to be away from him. I love that they are so much easier to keep clean (either by hand or in the dishwasher) than sippy cups with all the little parts. I’ve also used the Doidy Cup with my 3 year old daughter when she’s been unwell as the design makes it easy to sip water without spilling when they’re unable to sit up to drink water from a normal cup. Thank you again for the Doidy Cups, they have been so great!
– Amanda

“I have found the Doidy Cup very useful for a student that I am working with. It has encouraged them to drink more independently and safely. The student has difficulties holding cups and maintaining attention during mealtimes. The Doidy cup has allowed them to pace themselves better whilst drinking and more able to retrieve all liquid from the bottom of the cup. The Doidy has handles which are adjustable and allows them to hold the cup whilst drinking and help them to have more control over the drinking process. The Doidy has a nice bright colour which has helped them maintain attention to the drink and not what is going on around them in the classroom. The cup has allowed the feeder to see how the student is drinking and helps them to pace the student better so that no liquid falls from  the mouth. It also allows the student to take a break when they need to. Lastly,  the doidy cup does not press up against the student’s face/nose and the student  does not need to tilt their head back to retrieve the remaining liquid at the  bottom of the cup. This cup has been a useful piece of equipment for the development of this special needs student’s drinking skills”.
James Ray, Speech Language Therapist, Arohanui Special School.

I am so excited about receiving the Doidy cup I've ordered for my daughter - but at the moment I'm excited about the amazing customer service I've had from Jackie. I can't recommend buying from 2 Cute enough!
My son loves his cup. He was so excited when it arrived and wanted to use it straight away. It is really easy for them to use

by Paula Nicol on September 11, 2013 - 9:40 pm
Our cup arrived today, and all I can say is Yippeeee! ! Dinner time tonight for the first time in forever I didn’t have to clean up spilt water from my 2 yr old. She loves it, such a fabulous invention with the angled side to almost completely stop all spilling, so glad we got to try it out. First impression was I thought it was going to fall over when I filled it up but it holds drinks perfectly and is super easy for Piper to drink out of and hold comfortably, great size for tiny hands. Only problem is my 3 yr old is upset she doesn’t have a cool pink cup too….feel I may have to buy one. Thanks for the chance to try this out 🙂
Helen Shields on September 11, 2013 - 10:54 pm
I’m so glad I was one of the lucky 5 chosen to review this cup.
Arya (17 months) was watching eagerly as I took it from the packet and as I was reading the pamphlet that came with it, sneaky little hands were reaching to the table and grabbing it and running to the sink “more” she said and pointed at the tap…..her way of asking for water.
I gave it a wash and pt some water in it and she was away. Because the shape of the cup is so different to anything else she is able to drink from it quite naturally and not a drop was spilled, quite miraculous!!!
I wish I had it about 6+ months ago…..would have completely by-passed the whole sippy cup stage.
10 out of 10!!!
Kirsten on September 11, 2013 - 10:19 pm

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