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My Spoon Baby Spoon / Toddler Spoon

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Product Description

My Spoon™ is the Toddler Spoon with Curve Appeal™!

Each child develops differently, so this toddler spoon is age appropriate for the entire time your child needs a little extra help with self-feeding. My Spoon comes in both a left and right handed version!

My Spoon™ is made of a dishwasher safe,FDA approved plastic, BPA free and suitable from 9 months up!

It is really hard to find a practical and useful baby spoon here in New Zealand. That is why 2Cute are importing the My Spoon for you and your baby. It also makes a fabulous toddler spoon with its big handle to grip and the bright red colour is so attractive.

One tip I found useful is to get both a left and a right-handed spoon for your child. This is because most children have yet to show a dominance or favouring of a certain body side. They like to experiment with both sides and therefore both hands! It is also fabulous for parents to have both spoons too. I am right-handed and found that using the left-handed spoon to feed my baby with was perfect as the angle was just right and I did not need to twist my wrist to feed him.

So don’t wait any longer to get your baby spoon / toddler spoon!

Please wash before using.