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Hair Washing Helper

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Brica’s Shower & Rinse Bath Pitcher is a must for washing your child’s hair! No more soap and water in their eyes!

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Product Description

Make hair washing a pleasure not a chore with Brica’s shower & rinse bath pitcher. Washing your child’s hair is now made easy with this fantastic tool which you can use in both the shower and the bath. It is a must for washing children’s hair!

Hair washing is disliked by many babies, toddler and children because they do not like the feeling of water on their faces or don’t like getting water into their eyes. With this awesome hair washing tool from Brica, this can now be avoided. Older children can even use it themselves to wash their own hair, boosting their self confidence by becoming more independent.

The pitcher is constructed with a soft, flexible rim that contours to a child’s head to help channel soap and water away from their eyes! It has a rain shower spout which controls the water flow for easy rinsing and the slim easy grip design helps avoid slippage and fits most tub ledges. It disassembles easily for cleaning and can be washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher. It holds over 6 cups or 1.5 litres of water and is BPA free.

Measurements of hair washing pitcher

It is 196cm long, 180cm wide and 83cm in height.